mccldavidson @ gmail com or mclldavidson on gtalk, prices shipped in the U.S.

The ipad is in excellent shape and has a screen protector and comes with a stylus. It also comes with an otterbox. It does not come with a charger. I just bought it off craigslist and the guy used his iphone charger on it. It has warranty until March 31, 2012 330 shipped
A charger can be bought for 13 new on amazon, from 6 used

6th gen 8 gig nano with watch strap kit. $100 shipped
The original Digital Rebel, silver body. It comes with a Sigma 18-50 mm, manual , 512 mb memory card, small opteka external flash,, battery and charger charger $170 shipped

Motorola Devour Android with charger $75 shipped

160 gig old style ps3 with hdmi cable, power cable, charge cable and a dual shock 3 $180 shipped
GTA Episodes From Liberty Cities Greatest Hits Edition $14 shipped
Homefront $21 shipped

NCAA Football 11 $12 shipped

deadliest catch sea of chaos 360 version 13 shipped
condemned 2 in generic gamestop used game case $6 shipped
juiced 2 in generic gamestop used game case $8shipped
dead rising platinum hits $8 shipped
wet $11 shipped
madden 10 $7 shipped

4th gen 8 gig nano, it has scuffing but works fine $48 shipped