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Thread: Can I use a Boost phone on the Sprint Network?

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    Can I use a Boost phone on the Sprint Network?

    I have a dilemma, I am one year into my Sprint 2 year contract and my Blackberry got wet and won't work - its too early to upgrade without a huge penalty fee and I don't have an extended warranty. I friend told me I can buy a Boost phone and activate on my Sprint account. Is this true and how does this affect having a Blackberry data package? Honestly the Blackberry Curve was a piece of sh*t and Boost offers an Android phone for $179.00. Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed - phone-less in Miami

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    If a Sprint rep could activate the ESN, which I doubt they can as of March 2010, you would only have talk and text.

    To have data you'd need to restore the Service Books with the one in my SIG, and you would NOT have the Blackberry Package (BIS).

    Your best bet is to just grab one off ebay or craigslist... or check some local pawn shops.

    You can check Sprint ESNs using to ensure you buy a phone that is clean.

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    You can usually find used clean ESN Optimus S phones on eBay for about half what the Prevail goes for, if you're considering the inexpensive Android route.

    Both the Virgin Optimus V and Virgin Intercept can be reflashed to a Sprint ROM, but the MEID won't be accepted for Sprint postpaid service, so that doesn't help you much.

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    I think your friend meant to say that Sprint phones can be activated on Boost, which is also not entirely true.

    As already mentioned, ebay or craigslist would be your best bet. Make sure to check the ESN before making any payments to a seller.
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