This is an review on I-wireless, Now the first thing I must say is whatever you do don’t order online, it takes 4 business days just for them to ship it out, they don’t offer and faster shipping which is an real let down, The free shipping they use is fed ex smart post now that’s when the hell begins, fed ex takes it to the usps office and usps delivers it for you the problem is there is no tracking from fed ex and they can’t tell you anything more than it was picked up by fed ex and that’s it, it took 7 days for fed ex to get it to the usps office and by the time it got to me it was an total of 16 days just to get my phones.

The next thing is sales customer service people they don’t know anything or do they have the ability to answer such easy questions, every person I spoke to was rude as hell I am talking about page plus rude x 100, hold times are more than 40 minutes. However regular customer service is good and very nice that’s the one good thing.

The Plans do roll over from what my friend has told me and what cs has told me too, If you are on let’s say the $40 plan with has 1000 talk unlimited text and 500Megs of 3G data, when you renew your plan whatever minutes you have left will roll over I am not too sure is data dose.

Now for the phones I was surprised they had some smart phones
LG Optimus S Android 2.2 Price 129.99
Sanyo Zio Android 2.2 Price 99.99
HTC Hero Android 2.1 Price 99.99

So far service has been good and the one most important thing is data works, Now I left Virgin Mobile Because of all the Data issues and so far I happy with it, I have been told that there will be 2 more androids coming soon to I-Wireless.