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Thread: Airave firmware change for boost mobile?

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    would it just be a prl issue? the vm user would have gotten an OTA update that allowed it to look for the airave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NGeorge View Post
    I have a CBeyond (Sprint mvno) Blackberry as well as my Epic 4G... both work just fine with the Airave and get beeps. Have also had friends over with the Boost blackberry, and it works fine as well.

    Never tried it with VM, but I assume if CBeyond and Boost both work, any Sprint MVNO should as well. This may have been how it was in the beginning, but I have never witnessed it.

    I can't imagine that Sprint would make their MVNO customers tell users "oh just stay away from there" when there's no way to know if you're in range of an Airave.
    My mom has Sprint and her iPhone has always worked with the Airave just fine. My Virgin Mobile iPhone, never did until yesterday when it randomly started working with it, I hear three short beeps before calls and my signal is unusually high compared to what I normally get, this is happening with my brothers Virgin Mobile Android as well, so I know it isn't just my phone.

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