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Thread: Petro Canada Mobility now sells SIM CARDS! They listened to us, woot.

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    Petro Canada Mobility now sells SIM CARDS! They listened to us, woot.

    Well, about time! Petro-Canada Mobility now sells Sim Cards for your unlocked phone!

    Scroll to the bottom and click BUY SIM CARD, it's $15. Not as cheap as $10 from Fido, but close enough:

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    Yea, but why not buy the Nokia 1661 for 10 $ (you get the SIM for 10$) but you have to buy 50$ airtime (with you would have buy anyway ...)

    + you get a backup phone in case you drop your smartphone.

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    Great news alright! Thanks yup.

    Starting to look more and more like 7-Eleven SpeakOut, not surprising since they are owned by the same company. But I still prefer SpeakOut; their topups are good for 365 days, even the cheapest $25 one!

    Sure, it's easier to find a Petro Can store since there are no 7-Eleven's east of Peterboro anymore! But not so critical as it used to be now that SpeakOut has online topups (and their simcards are only $10!)
    Here's the Wikipedia list of Canadian Mobile Phone Carriers

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    What was petro using before? CDMA?
    25GB Cap? DIY Telnus prepaid/Koodo unlimited EVDO internet (for $10 per 2 months, to keep account "Active"), Max 3Mbps download speed, if you roam on Bell (free), then you get non-NATed IP

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