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Thread: HTC EVO 4G (Supersonic)

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    HTC EVO 4G (Supersonic)

    I am trying to transfer phone from Sprint. Going from a blackberry to a EVO 4G.

    Here is my problem.

    I spoke to multiple reps at Sprint (phone tech support) and they are unable to transfer the number, because the EV0 4G phone that i have is modded. I don't know too much about the modification, but it seems to be rooted and they can't help me do any advance setting that will enable the phone to work.

    The only information i have on the EVO 4G is that it loads with Cyanogen 7.

    My kernel version is Cyanogenmod-01338-g0374804

    Base band version is

    Android version is 2.3.3

    Mod version CyanogenMod- - Supersonic

    Does this mean the phone is rooted? and how can i unroot it so i can have Spring activate this phone for me.

    Is there any way to restore the phone back to it's original stage (SPRINT software).

    Please help!!!!!

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    reset the phone factory mode

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    Doing a factory reset won't help as all that does is erase your data directory. If you have Cyanogenmod installed you'll either have to install a stock rom or use an RUU to fully reset it to stock. A lot of stock ROMs, RUUs etc can be found at however you can do a google search for your radio and a ruu exe.

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