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Thread: problem with sending/burning SMS (text messages) from Bitipim to my LG VX8350

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    problem with sending/burning SMS (text messages) from Bitipim to my LG VX8350

    I recently bought another LG VX8350 phone (for Verizon) from EBAY. I then wanted to transfer some SMS text messages I had on my old VX8350
    to my new VX8350. Importing my SMS messages from my old VX8350 into BITPIM worked perfectly. However when I try sending/burning
    these SMS messages to my new VX8350, they never appear on my new phone. I don't receive any error messages or exceptions, however BIPIM does reboot my phone
    at the end of the sending/burning sequence (not sure if this is normal). When Bitpim asks me which data to send to my phone, I can only select "Replace ALL" SMS
    messages, the option of "ADDING" is disabled. I am running the latest version of BITPIM from a PC with Windows 7. I've tried different USB
    ports, 2 different data cables and 2 VX8350 phones, all experience the same issue. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks

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    You have to save each message individually from within the file system and then burn to the new phone accordingly in the corresponding folder. On my 8300, it's in a folder near the bottom of the tree and each message is called 'inbox" followed by three numbers.

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