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Thread: Existing Tracfone mins transfer to another existing Tracfone?

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    Existing Tracfone mins transfer to another existing Tracfone?

    We have two Tracfones, two different numbers, both have minutes on them. We don't care about keeping the number for one of them, but would like to, if possible, transfer the minutes from that one to the other phone that has a different number. Does anyone know if this is possible to do?

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    Tracfone can definitely do it, whether they will or not I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure I've read about others who have moved minutes for reasons like one phone quits working or they don't need two phones anymore. You definitely can't do it on their web site so call Tracfone at 800-876-5753, tell them what you need to do and they'll probably do it. If that customer service rep won't do it, wait awhile, then call back so you get a different customer service rep who will. Hope it works out.

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