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Thread: Problems trying to get Droid X on Revol

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    Problems trying to get Droid X on Revol

    Hi guys, i've been trying to get my Droid X on Revol, it's at the point where i dial 611 and *228 the Revol stuff comes up, but i've been to a Revol store, i couldn't get my phone activated(the guy said the phone wouldn't work with the software or the software wouldn't detect it or something, houdini right), and tried some other store, the guy said the phone was already flashed, but the phone already has a number?(phone number? it's not even a regular phone number?) Is there anything I can do to get this phone activated with Revol, or should I get rid of it for something else?
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    I sold the Droid X, does anyone know about getting the internet working on a Droid Incredible flashed to Revol?

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