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Thread: Nokia e5 connect to Mobile Web?

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    Nokia e5 connect to Mobile Web?

    A week ago I purchased and activated a Nokia e5. I am not able to connect to the mobile web. I get two error messages that say, Connection Not Available and Web unable to perform operation. I am able to connect to the web via my home wifi and other wifi zones. In the connection section of the menu under internet access points my wireless is listed as priority number 1 and I am able to make adjustments to those settings. Tracfone Internet is listed as priority number 2 and it will not allow me to make adjustments to the settings I receive error message Unable to edit protected settings. Obviously, since I am not getting connected to the mobile web I am not able to send or receive MMS (multimedia messages) either.

    My previous Straight Talk phone that I upgraded from was a Motorola W418G and I had no problem with that phone connecting to the mobile web and sending and receiving MMS messages. The Motorola W418G was a GSM phone with underlying carrier of AT&T. I made sure when I purchased the Nokia E5 that it said P4 on the box of which I was led to believe that the P4 meant that the Nokia e5 also had underlying carrier of AT&T. I have had experiences in the past with several other GSM Tracfones in my area and the AT&T ones worked the best.

    I spent three hours on the phone with two Straight Talk entry level techs that instructed me several times to turn the phone off and then turn it back on. When that didn't fix the problem they instructed me to reset it to the factory settings of which we tried three times and when that didn't fix it, they instructed me to play around with it and see if I could figure anything out????? They filed some kind of report and said they would get back to me. So far I have not heard anything.

    I would very much appreciate any ideas or help. I am new here so if I have posted in the wrong place please direct me.

    Thank You

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    easiest way is return e5 to wmart and buy e71 for 99$ online.

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