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Thread: Working for a premium retailer vs. a corporate store

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    Working for a premium retailer vs. a corporate store

    Did a search of the forums, but didn't find much information on this. I tried applying for a retail sales rep slot at a corporate store and after two phone interviews and an in-person interview (that I thought went well, though who knows) I was told via email I didn't get the position but to feel free to try again in the future, etc. So it goes. But I also noticed a job posting for a premium retailer (Wireless World) in a town only half an hour away. What I'm wondering is this -- does working for a premium retailer entail the same type of commission structure and benefits as working for a corporate store, or does it vary from premium retailer to premium retailer? I'm especially interested in the benefits; I need to have a job with insurance. Am I technically a Verizon employee or an employee of the premium retailer? Also, does a premium retailer sales rep go to the monthlong VZW training, or does each premium retailer handle its own training?

    Part of my issue is that I have very little retail sales experience; even if the benefits and pay weren't quite as good, I'd look at it as a good "foot in the door" slot to prove down the line to a corporate store that I perform well in a VZW retail sales environment. But I want to know what I'm going into before I apply.
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    Pay is less but the quotas are lighter. Ipdeoending on how Wireless world pays commission you can make a decent living but you might not have benifits and all the perks that corp does. Be prepared to explain what you can't and can do to customers but don't be surprised of you doing make thousands. If your store is in a decent market and wireless world doesn't have crazy policy's and quotas then you will do fine. How ever don't expect to be able to jump to corp in the same market the premium retailer is in. Usually it doesn't work that way. VZW kikes fresh meat they can mold into what they want. And you probly build a reputation with your nearest corp store and it might not be the prettyiest of things.

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    Indirect offers more flexibility, sometimes better room to advance, and generally a better place to work. Corp is a little harder and pays a little more. Experience is experience, which is why when you apply for VZW retail they ask if you already know eRoes, netACE, or whatever.

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    Easy summary indirect is more lax, but pays crap.. Also indirect is handicapped in the sense can't do much on helping customers ie. credits or anything to do w/ accounts beyond simple plan changes everything else has to be called in.

    Corp.. better pay but alot of BS work.. Coaching, role-playing, morning meetings, and alot of *** kissing to move upward. Alot of redtape. If you like a challenge then goto corp. if you just want to coast and do some side business or whatever indirect is best to go cause they are more lenient on gray areas.. Corp has a fine line. Also expect to sell alot of stuff you belief the customer don't want and ready to bash your competitors if you work at corp.

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