Its a variant of the Huawei E173 7.2 Mbps 3g data card with customized firmware.

It has been more than six months since Idea cellular (India) released
the customized firmware version for the Huawei E173 (E173du-1) 7.2 Mbps USB modem,till this date there's no unlocking solution for the device due to this customization.

On doing some research on the subject I came across the fact that the device is not asking for the unlock code when a locked SIM/UIM is inserted in it because its maximum unlock retries left has already been set to 0.
I tried various tools but none of them was able to reset the counter.

Generally in any USB modem when an unaccepted UIM/SIM is inserted it asks for a unlock code.Sometimes this does not happen and then we have to send the NCK using AT command.My question is I am using a Huawei E1732 USB Modem with custom firmware in this firmware the lock counter is preset to 0 so if anyone tries
to enter the code it returns with CME Error 3 also if you try to reset the counter nothing happens.Please help me out of this.

I was able to extract the NVR using QPST and the EFS using Revskills (though I'm not sure I was able to extract the EFS completely) and perso.txt from the efs using EFS Explorer.

One more thing there's no firmware upgrade or downgrade available anywhere
to solve this problem.The only firmware available is the locked one its a 7zip based installer so the stuff inside it can be extracted using software like universal extractor.

I am attaching the stuff I have extracted from the modem and the locked Firmware itself.Any kind of help or guidance is welcomed.


Locked Firmware update -


Perso.txt -