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Thread: Moto EX124g - Converting and Playing Video Files

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    Moto EX124g - Converting and Playing Video Files


    In various reviews I have read of the 124 I have noted the dismay of some authors who could not play youtube videos. Indeed, in my experiments, neither Bolt, Opera Mini 6.1 nor the built in browser would play videos at youtube. However you can, with a little effort, play videos taken from youtube, or other sources, on your EX124g.

    Along with Web access & easier texting the ability to play audio & video files was certainly a leading factor in my deciding to replace my old Moto 376G with the newer EX124G. Although I did not expect it to permanently replace my iPod or Cowon A2, one of which I always have with me at any given time, being able to occasionally lighten my pockets and just have the phone with me was an appealing prospect.

    I have a wide taste in music and have loaded up the 124 with what for me is a good selection of MP3's to hold me over at any given time the wife decides we need to detour to a shopping center. The audio player on the 124, though quirky & very basic, gets the job done and the sound quality with a decent set of ear buds is pretty good. I am hoping to find a more versatile audio app, but it is not a pressing issue at this time.

    As much as I like music I really love having the ability to watch movies, or other videos from the web, like presentations from TED, and I am happy to say the 124 can do this without too much effort. Using the method outlined below, I have also converted videos I made of DVDs I own to play on the 124 (the Cowon A2 I have can be used like a DVR and record videos from a TV or DVD player without having to mess with any anti-encryption utilities)

    My apologies in advance to those of you who use Apple computers; the methods that follow, in regards to the converter, are prepared for Windows PC users, I am sure that there must be Mac compatible software that will perform the same functions, I am just not aware of them. However the two programs I use for acquiring the video do have Mac versions available.

    To start with you will need a program on your PC that will allow you to capture streaming video from youtube, or other sites. The latests versions of the free Real Player has this ability built in and, for me, works most of the time. Another program I often use is called 'xVideoServiceThief'. It too is free, very simple to use, and automatically checks for and installs any updates whenever you start it.

    With Real Player grabbing a video can be as simple as hovering your mouse over the video and clicking on the Download balloon that will appear; sometimes though you may have to right click on the video and choose the Download option. If neither option is available for a video you want than it may not be possible for RP to capture it.

    With 'Xvideo' you can, after opening the program, just copy the web address of the video page, then, on the XVST screen, click the 'Add Video' button, and paste the web address into the window that pops up. Note: If you insert a link to a page XVST can not download from the address will become high lighted in red. You then will have to find another option, maybe RP will work, or find another site hosting the video.

    After you have downloaded the video(s) and located on your PC where they are stored (I do not remember the defaults; I keep a folder I made just for DL'ing videos) you will need to convert them into a format the 124 likes.

    Most of the vids I have captured from youtube are in the FLV format but occasionally they are labeled as MP4's. The videos the 124's camcorder makes are in a MP4 format, however I have not had success taking the MP4's directly from youtube and getting them to play on the phone.

    What I use to convert one format multimedia file to another is a free program called SUPER.

    SUPER is a super program; it will convert most audio/video formats into any other format. The biggest PIA is downloading it; once you get to the website the author has a few pages telling you just how great it is. Somewhere on every one of those pages it will say something like 'Download SUPER Here'.... which will take you to another page going over more of its features etc etc until you finally get to the last page where there will be the actual download link. For me it is worth it though.

    Once you have Super installed and open you will note on the upper left of the window this: [1 Select the Output Container]. Below that is a box, click on the downward arrow on the right of that box. You will now see a long list of different audio and or video formats you can chose to convert your original file to.

    On my present version of SUPER the second option down is: "3GP/3G2 (Motorola/Sony...)" That is the one you want to click on. When you choose a format you want to convert to SUPER will automatically set all the codecs, video scales, AV bit rates etc; you can tweak them if you want, I sometimes do, but often the defaults work fine.

    Now go to the window of your file manager of choice; My Computer, Windows Explorer or whatever you use, showing the file(s) you have downloaded and either one at a time or in bulk drag and drop them directly onto the words in the lower half of the SUPER window that say: "DROP A VALID MULTIMEDIA FILE HERE - Will try to play or encode". Note the word try - on occasion SUPER will choke on one file of a type but breeze through the rest; I am not sure why, dont be afraid to check the box next to the file and try again, it might work.

    Before you start converting you might want to double check where the new files will end up. By default I believe they will go to the source folder, but it was not always that way, so it does not hurt to check. To do so right click anywhere on the SUPER window and a menu of options will pop up. Click on "Output File Saving Management" to see or change where the new files go.

    After you have added all the files, and are happy with everything else, click on the button below the list of files to be converted which reads "Encode (Active Files)"

    NOTE: When the decoding process starts a small window will pop up asking whether you want to use 3GP or 3G2; I chose 3GP.

    Depending on how many files you added, their size, the speed of your computer, it can take a few minutes or much longer.

    When the files are completed you may note that they appear to have the original file extension still attached to them, for example: musicvideo.flv.3gp; you can freely rename the file and take out that old file extension label, in this case the 'flv'.

    Now you want to put the files on your phone. What I did then was create a folder on the micro SD card I added to the phone, labeled it VIDEO, and deposited the converted files in there. Then, on the phone, opened 'My Folder', chose 'Memory Card', 'VIDEO', and then picked the video I wanted to play.

    To play the video in Landscape mode just click on the little square with an arrow in it that is on the lower left below the video; it might take a moment to respond as the playing video will be hogging some of the phones resources.

    That should do it. I hope that I covered everything & that it works as well for you as it has for me.

    One thing to keep in mind: playing video files will probably eat up your battery life much quicker than just playing the music. But isn't it nice to have the ability?


    I am not affiliated with any of the companies or authors of the programs listed here. I do use each of them and to the best of my knowledge are all free of any malicious contents. Regardless, safe web surfing dictates that you do not download and install any files from any web page blindly; I recommend scanning downloaded files prior to starting them if your antivirus software does not do it automatically. During installation SUPER will warn you that, due to a type of file it uses, your computer/antivirus program may give you some warning and that you can ignore it - I have used SUPER for a number of years now and it has never caused harm to my computer - do what you feel comfortable with. When installing any program from any site read all the setup screens to make sure that you are not also installing features you do not want, ie, toolbars.

    Real Player, for PC & MAC is available HERE:

    Xvideoservicethief, for PC & Mac is available HERE

    You can get to the SUPER page HERE

    Have a Magical Day.

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    One additional Note: Set the resolution for - 176x144

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    I have found the best way that works for me...most of the time.

    These programs and instructions are for MAC.

    First start with Handbrake, perfect for cropping or resizing videos. Also good because you can batch your videos to encode all at one time instead of one at a time.
    I have scaled my videos to 320x240 and most of them have worked perfectly and have filled the screen after hitting the button for fullscreen in media player.
    Save as default MP4 format.

    Next Download MPEG Streamclip for Mac.
    This works best to re-save to MP4 format for the EX124g. You will need an additional codec for Quicktime that will be used to save the videos for the phone.

    MP4v Encoder, for mac, download and install per instructions on page for Quicktime. Then it will be used in MPEG Streamclip to encode the files.

    Drop your final MP4 files into MPEG Streamclip after using Handbrake to scale, or direct if they are ready.
    In File, choose Export to MP4. In the following dialog box, choose mp4vencoder in the compression pull down menu. Set any other settings that you want, but most of them could have already been done in HandBrake.

    All of the files that were any larger (eg. 327x240 were unplayable on the phone.)

    Then click Make MP4 and wait till its done!
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    Thanks for the info!

    Have a Magical Day

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