Just throwing this question out there. I tried doing a quick search here on the topic but didn't see a thread pertaining to this topic. Sorry if it's already been addressed...

Last year, when i read VZW was bringing 4g LTE in the coming months the article mentioned that their LTE service would be using sim cards! And I recently watched a review of the Droid Bionic phone that showed that a 4g LTE sim card was being used. I've also read that VZW 4g phones cannot be used on VZW mvno's like PPC because of this issue. I know VZW's "global" 3g phones also use sim cards and switch over to gsm networks in other countries but are programmed for cdma mode when in the usa. However VZW 4g phones might be different?! So my question is... Has anyone tried using a magical and open ST sim card on a unlocked VZW 4g phone?! I know the data connection will probably be on edge, 3g at best, but to make calls and do texts would be kinda cool.

I also know that the bandwidths probably wouldn't be compatible, etc. And this might be a lot of work to find out. This was just a burning question i wanted to throw out here and see if anyone knew the answer.