For those in the converted markets from Alltel to AT&T, what have you noticed with the AT&T service since the conversion where you live? Also, have you had a chance to really take it for a drive and see how it works elsewhere like in other states?

At this point how would you rate AT&T and their service. 10 being highest

For me it's about An 8. Which is very good. Spearfish seems to be having some data issues but voice has worked well where ever I went even if data wasn't. And for the most part so has data. The data while good overall, you can tell has a bit more work to be done. But from all signs and indications they are working on it. It can be frustrating when you want to use it, but patience I think is the key and to keep reporting it if all else fails.

Zero problems with voice for me.

And since I have an IPhone 4, they gave me 1000 free rollover minutes. Score! Not bad for only having them for like 5 months. lol

Whenever I have called in 9 out of 10 of the people I have talked to have been friendly and helpful. And once some see I'm from Sturgis, needless to say they ask about the Rally. lol. So all-in-all the customer service side has been good for me.

I drove from SD to ND to MN in August. Over 500 miles and not once dropped service or 3G. Impressive! Whereas when I had Verizon the year before there were multiple dead spots and 1x spots. AT&T's maps seem a bit closer to reality than Verizons colored in maps.

One thing I have noticed is that the quality of service almost seems dependent on the type of phone. ALMOST is the key word. But it seems to be the overall theme.

So yeah, an 8 out of 10 seems fair. It would have been a 9 had Spearfishs data issues been resolved. But I think they are working on them. People tend to think if service gets worse sometimes that it's the network getting worse. When in reality it's being upgraded. And while it's being upgraded the network depreciates until the upgrades are done. Which can take a short period of time.

So, what about you?