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Thread: HTC Evo on Pageplus setup

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    HTC Evo on Pageplus setup

    I just bought and flashed an HTC Evo 4G (sprint) to Pageplus, I only want the phone for talk and an occasional text (plus the wifi when I am at home). I have searched much and am gaining understanding but still not there yet.

    I got the phone to work but, the signal is very low compared to other verizon phones I know of, I was using an older PRL (51765), thinking that may be the problem I found and manually installed a newer PRL (52515) with no real change.

    The over the air programming does not complete, actually when I sit under a tower with almost full strength signal it comes with an error "SPC fail...more the 15 times" and resets. Also, I get a "Data Call Failure" error also "Error Code 67 .Unable to establish wireless data connection...", often.

    I am not sure which PRL to use if 52515 is not right, nor can I find any other newer ones, I am in an area that had many Alltel towers (West Michigan, I had Alltel a long time ago)

    It seems like I am stuck in the middle somewhere???

    Any help??
    Last edited by snowman0650; 09-28-2011 at 12:21 PM. Reason: changed PRL from 52522 to 52515

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    Wink my evo 4g

    Look here boy i got a evo 4g flashed to ppc I live in washington state...
    I went ahead and used prl 52505 seems to be working good full singnal and i was getting the data call falure notice also untioll i changed a few setting in my data profile.. ##data# change the user name to ([email protected]) let me know if this works for you if u cant find thl prl let me know i will get it to u.
    the one

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    i have an htc evo 3d and i want to activate it to pageplus but i dont need data just talk and text can i do it without flashing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by omardavid View Post
    i have an htc evo 3d and i want to activate it to pageplus but i dont need data just talk and text can i do it without flashing it
    No, not as far as I know.

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    Flash PRL and SPC unlock, you can skip all that DMU Public Key ID stuff. I suppose you could keep your MSL for manual activation, but you still need PRL, so might as well flash to all zeros while you're at it.

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