If you need some fast cash for your broken stuff, then send me a pm, and I'll buy it from you! I pay via paypal, and I'm very quick. If you need proof that I'm legit, I can show you my eBay feedback (Powerseller w/ 600+ feedback in the last year)

Here's a list of what I'm looking for: PM me if you don't see your things on the list.


Windows: 15" or above, core 2 duo and newer models ONLY. Will buy incomplete laptops as well
Macbooks: Any macbooks, as long as: They're complete (parts cost a FORTUNE), and they haven't been run over or dropped down a flight of steps.
Macbook Pro: Any Macbook Pro
Powerbook G4: More recent models only!!!
Macbook air: Any except for broken hinges, or previous disassembly

iPads only! Other tablet prices are dropping like a rock (thanks HP).


Generally, I'll avoid purchasing desktops, since the shipping costs can get high, so I only buy newer desktops.

iMac: Core 2 duo or newer (white or alu. doesn't matter)
Mac Pro: Any, must be complete (minus hard disk).
Mac Mini: Anything but Core Solo, Core duo, or G4


iPhone 4: ALL iPhones, except run over by car, or cracked board
iPhone 3GS: ALL, exception: run over by car, or incorrectly opened (pried along chrome).
iPhone 3G: anything but 8GB, same exclusions as above
iPhone 2G: 16GB only

Android phones: any high end android phone produced after the motorola droid.

iPod touch:
4g: will not purchase if previously opened to replace screen
3g: ALL but water damage
2g: ALL but water damage, or damage by third party charger
1g: will not purchase

I'm open to pretty much anything not listed as well. If it's broken and electronic, then send me a PM or leave an offer in the replies, and I'll tell you if I'll buy it or not.

In your PM or Reply, please include: what's wrong with the item, what caused it, how old is it, condition, and try to include a price (not really required, since I can make you an offer)

Also, try to include a serial number so I can lookup service history, model info, etc... on your item.

By the way, I just copied over my post from another forum, so if you see an identical post somewhere else, don't be alarmed