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Thread: Straight Talk Unlocked Sim Card

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    Straight Talk Unlocked Sim Card

    Hi. Im planning of switching carriers I currently have Virgin Mobile. There speeds are horrible and the reception is never stable and I live in a really big city (Los Angeles). I heard that Straight Talk has awesome speeds and great reception (AT&T). But I'm really trying to avoid buying a Nokia E71 (Phone with Unlocked Sim Card). Is there any way to just get an Unlocked Sim Card so I can just buy a AT&T phone. I really want Straight Talk now because Simple Mobile doesn't sound that great anymore. Thanks

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    Nope. The best you can do is get a refurbished E71 for around $100.

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    Exactly as Renegade said, you must buy an ST Nokia smartphone because they are the ONLY ones from ST with unlocked SIM cards.
    You must also keep the phone because if you sell the phone (and keep the SIM) to someone else and they try to use it on ST, your SIM will get deactivated and account will be closed.

    $100 over 12 months isn't too bad, ~$53/mo for the first year not including the AT&T phone you'll need.

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