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Thread: Review:Straight Talk-New Android Powered-Samsung Galaxy Precedent-Limited Sales Area?

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    Review:Straight Talk-New Android Powered-Samsung Galaxy Precedent-Limited Sales Area?

    Lately I was made aware, after my review, by a potential Straight Talk customer who had found the new offering by Straight Talk for the Android powered, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, was not valid in her zip code. I went to Straight Talk and entered my zip code and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent was not offered even when I then selected the "shop for phones" tab. If the phone isn't offered in your zip code, it makes it difficult for you to order it and do a review of it's features.

    If I enter a different zip code such as the closest largest city nearby, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent is offered. The limited areas for sales of the new Android powered prepaid cell phone must be due to product availability limitations? Feedback on this would be appreciated.

    Since my father in-law ordered his from a different zip code and allowed me to use it for some time to review the cell phone, I didn't realize the availability was limited until the potential customer wrote me.

    My review of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent that is Android powered and offered by Straight Talk, so far, has been totally positive, the only issue I had was when I had to keep re-powering the phone, called Straight Talk customer service and ended up on the phone dealing with it for over thirty minutes. I am going to chalk that episode up to human error after I realized it was caused by myself and not Straight Talk or the phone itself.

    I am curious how many other potential Straight Talk customers have encountered problems with the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, if any? Any problems with availability in your are or zip code? What's your review like for the new Android powered cell phone offered by Straight Talk?Name:  Samsung-Galaxy-Precedent-Straight Talk Unlimited Bundles .jpg
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    Compare reviews of the best cell prepaid Android and smart phones from Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Net 10 and more: Straight Talk and other wireless cell phone services and products. New Straight Talk phones updated all the time! Free phones, free offers and coupon codes from all major prepaid and contract wireless cell phone providers.

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    After reading Keiths review (From I decided to give the Precedent a try.
    My area is covered very well by Sprint. And Sprint coverage is the reason some areas can be ordered from and others can't. Your friend may have to drive in to an area where she can pick one up at a local Wal-Mart. They are showing up in many areas now. I suggest strongly that she check to be sure that Native Sprint service is good in her area before she decides to buy this phone. If it is not she will not be happy with how it woks.
    As you and Keith said. The phone works well. It is no work horse, but if you put a couple apps on it you can control/prevent run away RAM issues and keep resources free for the phone.
    If you haven't tried it yet or if you run in to a run away RAM issue ( this is where the phone has so many apps running in the back that the system ram is all but used by the pile of apps running in the back ground) install Android Assistant and AppMonster or App2SD.
    Android Assistant will allow you to set your OS to clear RAM/System Memory on a timed schedule and do other cleanings of on board memory SSD/Hard Drive to free up space on the phone for more apps and will even move some of the apps off the phone on to the SD card to free up the phones hard drive space. AppMonster will let you back up your downloaded apps to the SD card. App2SD will move what apps it can from the phone to the SD card to free up space on the phone. Please note that when doing this, if you remove your SD card from the phone, those apps that you moved to the SD card will not work until you replace the SD card and restart the phone.
    Personally I dont recommend using more than 3/4 of the phones hard drive space as not having enough free memory available on any PC can and will cause the system to run sluggish. This goes for any phone not just this one. Phones with larger hard drives/SSD you can of course fill up more because your hard drive to RAM ratio is larger.
    I am satisfied with how this phone works that I dropped my previous cell phone provider and phone for this one and the lower price of service.
    I now have both my phones work/personal on Straight Talk and am more than happy with call quality and service availability.
    One phone works off the ATT towers and the other off the Sprint towers.
    So far ST service has been as clear and reliable as any other I have had PAYG or Contract.

    ST to IPhone
    ST to Android
    ST to Windows Phone
    Tracfone CS at 800-876-5753 or 800-626-4883
    Phone Number for Google Customer Service. 18558363987

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