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    Question Quick Activation Question

    After searching for a long time I have finally figured out how to flash my VZW moto droid to ntelos but now im stuck. I have flashed an Ntelos prl (22800 if anyone has a more current one I would greatly appreciate it) and set my NV items, MIN and MDN, and passwords ect. ect. but now when I try to update the PRL with *228 it send me to an activate your phone screen tells me to press one and says activation failed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, I believe that I should call ntelos now but I want everything to be correct first before I go through with that and ntelos is closed until tomorrow. (Will update the APNs after I get the phone activated)
    BTW whats up with all the spam in the ntelos section recently?

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    Ok scratch all of that I got it working but on this old outdated PRL I am barley getting 2g and getting no 3g can anyone give me a more up-to-date one? If it matters my plan is a Ntelos family unlimited everything nationwide ect ect kitchen sink plan.

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