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Thread: Am I finally ditching my BB??

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    Am I finally ditching my BB??

    I've been hooked on BBs since a friend of mine got the 8320 when it first came out - I HAD to have one and it was the best phone I ever had - and it got all my closest friends on BBs too. Then I got the 8900 (loved this one too!), and now my aging 9700 which I also love. My 9700's camera flash is mostly broken, something must be loose because it works sometimes if I hit the side of my phone, so I've been debating on what to do. I'm still on my old $2.99 T-Zones which works great with the BB so I've just been using webmail for email. I know I've been missing out on push email but what can I say, I didn't need it and didn't want to pay for it while I was still in school.

    Many years later.. I'm thinking of finally leaving BB . I thought I could never not have a BB keyboard but Android's on-screen keyboard has gotten very good with the larger screens, but a big part of it is that I am not impressed with the 9900. No autofocus on the camera is such a huge step backward for me, and the price is sky high! I guess if I absolutely need BIS/BES it would appeal to me more, but I don't, so I've been getting all my emails on a prepaid Android phone.

    I enjoy Android and I'm tired of carrying (and paying for) two phones. Is anyone else in the same boat as me?
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    Went thru same series of phones as you. My 9700 is still in very good shape. Wife who started w. 8320 then 8900. It was dying of old age. It's been almost 2 years since TM upgraded the 9700/9780. The 9900 is missing 2 necessary features that BB has had for years. One, it has, as you pointed out, a crippled camera. The other is it doesn't have UMA. For those of us who travel overseas, that has become essential to avoid voice roaming co$ts. We make use of the unlimited email at 67 cents/day option.
    So wife got the MyTouch 4G Slide. It does everything but walk the dog. It will make calls over wifi. It has so many functions she learns something new every day. I'll keep my 9700 until it starts to die. Maybe TM/BB will have a real upgrade by next spring. I hate going thru learning curves on new electronics.
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