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Thread: Is this legit??

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    Is this legit??

    I came across this on Youtube. This guy seems to claim he can flash an HTC Evo to Boost, and in the comments he says:

    "There are two ways to get the phone on Boost. 1 - Add the meid (Only seven people I know can do that and none of us do adds for other people) 2 - Clone the MEID to an existing Boost Phone (This is what most Flashers do)"

    So is it possible to flash an HTC Evo to Boost without cloning?

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    He's lying. You don't need to write NV items or do any actual "flashing" to an allowed Sprint phone activated on Boost and if the Evo really could be added to the whitelist, it would be no different.

    If this imaginary world existed where an Evo's MEID could be whitelisted for Boost activation, the only changes you'd have to make to the Evo would be the MMS server URL (that's done on the phone, in ##data#) and patching the Phone.apk so native voicemail notifications worked (that's done either by a flashing a custom ROM or by pushing a patched Phone.apk using ADB).

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    Please take the time to look at the info that is already here in this forum, as this same exact thing is discussed many, many times. You will find that while it is possible to have a working Evo on Boost, the discussion of how to do so is not allowed here due to forum rules concerning discussion of cloning. Thread closed.

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