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Thread: LG800G voicemail--Help please???

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    Question LG800G voicemail--Help please???

    I just got an Lg800G TMFL phone. Everything went fine with transferring number, minutes, and activation. Unfortunately I just realized that I can't access my email or even set it up. Everytime I call using the speed dial 1 key, it tells me that the number I have dialed is not in service then proceeds to give me 2 messages in spanish. the screen locks, and I can't get it to unlock in time to push number 4 to access the menu. I'm sorry if this was already covered but I searched the forum and couldn't find anything. Can anybody help me. I'd really like to try to avoid calling CS.

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    Call your cell phone from another phone, don't answer, see if it goes to VM. If it goes to some kind of VM, no matter what the greeting is, press * or #, one of them should work. See what happens.

    If your phone just rings and rings, you will have to call CS to have your VM reset. Sometimes it doesn't load properly.

    Call 1-800-876-5753, not the regular CS. This one is higher up.

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