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Thread: for Virgin Mobile phones + service can we use WiFi for talk?

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    for Virgin Mobile phones + service can we use WiFi for talk?

    I'm a smart phone newbie. Have spent a lot of time browsing and am strongly considering Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V ( maybe Optimus Slider) or Motorola Triumph. I see in the specs statements like: "has WiFi capability but does not have WiFi Hotspot support". What I'm trying to understand is: 1) does that mean the WiFi capability can only be used for data and web surfing; but not for voice talking? (and even if that is the standard set-up; VM blocks installing aps that will allow phone to do that?); or, 2) does that mean I can manually select options on the phone to connect it to an available WiFi to use for talking each time I want to talk at hotspot (as well as data and surfing) and the "lack of WiFi Hotspot support" just means that the phone won't automatically search for hotspots and connect when available [as I read some MetroPCS phones will do; but they don't have service in my fairly rural area]? If #2, I believe that means I can talk, say at home, through my DSL WiFi router (once phone is set up to connect to it) and not be charged VM minutes against my plan. Is that correct?
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    hotspot means using say a laptop to connect to the phone to use its internet. not supported out of the box. against the terms of service. but there are ways to do it.

    hotspot does not mean wifi calling. vm does not employ wifi calling, nor do any of the major carriers (femtocells excluded..)

    there are apps that allow you to make / receive calls over wifi. in terms of reliability, your mileage may vary.. grooveip, nettalk, skype, hell even google talk has voice capability now.
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    T-Mobile (who is still a major carrier) has UMA and Wi-Fi calling on certain devices but the calls do deduct from your plans minutes.

    Groove IP coupled with a Google Voice number will give you totally free calls over Wi-Fi.

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