Ok, so I feel like that this thread can help a lot of people about known problems and their solutions. Maybe we will have less questions on the forum.

1. Random GPRS Charges on Nexus S

Problem: You get phantom GRPS charges on Nexus S which drains the mywallet. (sometimes, even if you have enabled 3G only / forced roaming off)

Analysis: To the best of our knowledge, this is a problem with stock Android software. Android is quite buggy and this is one such manifestation. This is more prone to areas of weak signal, or if you are on a 3G network. (usually). When the phone loses signal (it is not known how or why), it tries to connect to 2G networks first. It finds "CDN Roaming", connects to it, and then instantly disconnects if it finds "Mobilicity" or if it finds the setting "3G Only" turned on. However, during this 1-2 second, your phone connects to internet and sends a diagnostic ping to check if it can connect to the internet.

1. The best solution is to get rid of the buggy firmware. Flashing it with CyanogenMod or any AOSP based ROM gets rid of the probelm. I recommend MIUI, however you can flash any of the vast number of ROMS like NSCollab, 0x etc etc... Flashing instructions here for the first timers: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Nex...l_Update_Guide
After the first time, download "ROM Manager" from the android market and you can just open it and tap the ROM to install. 1 click rom install... very easy!

After you install the rom, PLEASE SELECT 3G ONLY!! (or else the problem will be back!)

2. If you insist on sticking to stock android (and I dont see why you would stick to something which is that terrible), then disable data from the phone. This is the ONLY way to stop this on stock android.

2. Panache random "Emergency Only".

Problem: Panache Shows "Emergency Only" randomly.

Analysis: Power saving mode causes panache to search and try to connect to 2G networks. However, if you are in the city, then it cant connect to CDN Roaming, leaving the phones antenna in "emergency only" for a bit till it finds mobilicity.

Solution: No good solution is known. The T-Mobile Mytouch4G (panache) radio software fixes this, but its performance is bad. Some people reported that flashing the panache solved this for them, but flashing this phone isnt for the faint hearted. Have a look: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...1&postcount=98
You still wanna do that, especially if this is your first time? I dont think so.

A simple solution will be to manually select the network instead of "auto", but this has other problems like, when you lose service (tunnel etc), the phone wont find it unless you manually do it.

3. Galaxy S2 Hercules takes forever to find network.

Problem: Galaxy S2 Hercules takes forever (5 minutes) to find network.

Analysis: The phone has a radio which can connect to a lot of bands and hence it has to search a lot before it can find Mobilicity. Sort of tuning an FM radio in the old times.

Solution: "Tell" the phone where to look for!!

Press *#*#4636#*#* --> Phone Info and then select "WCDMA Only" instead of "WCDMA Preferred"
Now press *#*#2263#*#* --> "WCDMA Band Preference", and then select "WCDMA 1700"
(thanks to 513263337 for the tip)

Caveat: This turns off roaming. You have to reverse the steps if you go outside the city.

4. Blackberry uses roaming data even when it is specifically turned off

Problem: Blackberry uses data while roaming, even while "use data when roaming" is turned off. (Blackberry 9300 and 9700 and 9780.)

Analysis: Faulty Firmware.

Solution: Update to firmware (app version 2858) released by mobilicity.
(thanks to quickinferno)

5. Incoming text messages from bellus network gets cut off if they are over 140 characters.

Analysis: Bellus (bell/telus and flanker brands koodo/solo/virgin) uses 7-bit SMS encoding scheme whereas everyone else in the world uses 8-bit. Somehow, dureing the delivery of such smses, the LAST part of the message doesnt show up. Example, if a text message is 5 smses long (each sms is 140 charecters. If you send a long sms, they "split up" - go to the other person's phone and is "joined back"), then the 5th sms wont reach you but the first 4 will.

Happens ONLY with Incoming sms from bellus network!! Every other network is fine. Rogers (fido/chatr), T-Mobile USA, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint - sms to and from all of them work normally.

Solution: None exists so far (mobi blames bellus and bellus blames mobi). Try to keep the sms under 140 charecters.