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Thread: Our review of the Case Mate TANK

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    Our review of the Case Mate TANK

    Name:  IMG_2254.jpg
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Size:  103.1 KBHere's our review of the Case-Mate TANK written by our very own Sabesh.

    The Tank case from Case-Mate appears to be a collaboration between Sharkeye and Case-Mate. In fact, Sharkeye's shopping link re-directs to Case-Mate. The Tank looks more refined and improved over the original Sharkeye design, which is a good thing, as the Sharkeye case was one of the best protective cases in the market.

    The Tank consists of four parts:

    • The top portion, housing cutouts for the earpiece, proximity sensor, camera & flash and the silence toggle switch. It also has an Elastomer (Silicone rubber) cover for the Headphone jack. There are also Elastomer buttons for volume up/down & Power. The top portion also has a sliding switch at the back for the Screen Door and release latches to unlock the top portion of the Tank from the bottom.
    • The bottom portion has an Elastomer home button and flap for the accessory port.
    • The interior portion houses the screen door. The screen door is made of Polypropylene, which makes it easier to slide open/close. Polypropylene doesn't soak up water, so it should be good to protection against rain & moisture.
    • The swivel holster is quite fluid and can be turned either way. The Tank can be placed in either direction on the holster.
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    The top and bottom portions are each made of a polycarbonate shell with a soft-touch exterior. The interior is made of Elastomer, which reduces and absorbs impact, making for good protection against knocks, drops and vibration. The slick, soft-touch surface is not a dust magnet like the Otterbox Defender and Griffin Survivor. Hence, it won't stick to the pocket and collect dust and/or lint.
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    The Tank's Pièce de résistance is the screen door. It's smooth as slick and quite easy to open and close, even one-handed. The screen door is to be used for protection from the elements, as it can withstand light water, moisture, dust and sand. It does give a piece of mind, knowing that the precious Retina display is protected by a thick layer of Polypropylene.

    The Tank FEELS lighter than the Otterbox Defender, although they weigh about the same. The big advantage over the competition (Otterbox Defender & Griffin Survivor) is the Tank's clean surface, which doesn't attract dust or lint. This is huge plus, as the Tank maintains it's aesthetics without much effort. The Elastomer buttons have no lag whatsoever, and are accurate.

    The design does have some caveats:
    • The Silence toggle switch is hard to access, do to the thickness of the case. However, I was able to reach it with all my fingers except for the thumb. Dust and/or dirt collection inside this space is a possibility in the long run.
    • The screen area is somewhat restricting along the edges. I found it slightly difficult to swipe an icon from one home screen to another. However, swiping during Angry Birds, pulling down the notifications, changing home screens were no problem.
    • The screen protector I had installed "bubbled" when inserting the top portion of the Tank over the iPhone 4S. I think this is a 50-50 issues. Some screen protectors will work, and others will come off slightly at the top edge of the iPhone 4S.
    • Overall, none of these are deal-breakers. The positives far outweigh the negatives and the Tank has replaced the Defender as my favourite protective case for the 4S. The design is not for everyone. Most folks who saw it, liked it. Some said it looked "tacky". I think it looks great. If you are in the market for a case that provides protection against hard knocks, drops, vibration, moisture, light rain and sand, the Tank should be at or near the top of your list. I see construction workers and other professionals in the field using the Tank. Case-Mate (with Sharkeye) have hit a home run with this one.
    • Tough sturdy exterior with soft, shock-absorbing interior.
    • iPhone 4/4S can be placed in either direction on Holster.
    • Slick, soft-touch surface: Not a dust magnet like the competition. Won't stick to to pocket.
    • Screen door is easy to slide open/close. Good protection against sand, rain & moisture.
    • Buttons work accurately with no lag, unlike some of the competition, which have slight lag.
    • Pleasing design (subject to opinion, of course).
    • FEELS lighter than it actually is.
    • The Silence toggle switch is hard to access, do to the thickness of the case.
    • The screen area is somewhat restricting along the edges.
    • Screen protectors may "bubble up" over the top edge when inserting the 4/4S into the Tank.
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    Sabesh / Fellow HC,

    Another OMG moment brought to us!

    It may be ideal for some expeditions that require tough protection.

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    I thought this case was ugly until I saw the other colors. So I ordered the white one for my white iPhone 4. I received it this weekend. Very well made & it really does keep the phone protected. But dang, it sure does make the phone huge! It makes the Otterbox cases look small. I love the protection but not the size. I'm gonna use it though since it protects it so well. My husband laughed when he saw it and asked me if I was really gonna use it. We'll see who's phone lasts longer!
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    Ok, here's an update on the case. It is driving me crazy. It is so hard to text & do things if you need to touch the screen anywhere near the edge of the screen because the case sticks out & is in the way. If it wasn't for that I would like it. I have long nails & it is too difficult to type. Guess I'm gonna get the Otterbox Defender case. No problems with that case. I tried out my father in-laws phone & the Otterbox is made so that you can still type. Guess I'll have to put the Tank on Ebay. Oh well. I gave it a whirl.

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