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Thread: Transfer google voice number TO straight talk?

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    Transfer google voice number TO straight talk?

    I am in the process of activating my new straight talk phone and have a question...

    For each google account I have, I chose google voice numbers that are sequential. I would like to port the number of one of the google voice accounts to use with my new straight talk phone. Is this possible? I see an option to transfer a number, but it wants account details, and PIN number which leads me to believe that the transfer is only from another cell phone or landline.

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    I transfered my GV number to AT&T GoPhone first and then to Straight Talk. However, theres possible issues with this and I had to have a friend at Google get in touch with the GV team to fix them for me (SMS/MMS issues).

    If you really want to use your GV numbers, port them to GoPhone (it takes a week, since its a landline) and then make sure everything is working and then port them to ST. That way, you can at least still reach the AT&T Port dept directly if something like texts aren't working. Theres a link to a google thread in that thread above which documents numerous experiences from other GV users with similar issues after porting their GV number out, so its not a limited issue.

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