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    Verizon Prepaid FAQ

    Thanks to user vmobi for compiling what is here so far. If you have something you would like to see added to this FAQ/sticky, please send me a PM with the content you'd like added.

    Verizon Wireless Prepaid

    4 Prepaid Service Options
    1. $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan (Basic Phones)
    2. Daily Plans
    3. 3G Monthly Plans (Smartphone and BlackBerry devices)
    4. Prepaid Mobile Broadband for Tablets

    $50 Monthly Unlimited (Basic Phones)
    Unlimited Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Messages
    unlimited Data Allowance
    Per-Minute Rate After Allowance:
    If you have sufficient balance for your $50 Monthly Access, get unlimited calling, messaging and Mobile Web for 30 days.
    If you DO NOT have the enough funds to cover the monthly access, you will be charged 25˘/minute, 20˘/text, 25˘/picture/video message, and 99˘/day for Mobile Web.

    Daily Plans
    Voice and Messaging (options)
    $1.99/day: Includes Unlimited Anytime Minutes, Unlimited VZW Mobile to Mobile calling, Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes, $.02/text, $.25/picture/video messages.
    $.99/day: Includes $.10/anytime minute, Unlimited VZW Mobile to Mobile calling, $.10 Night and Weekend Minutes, $.10/Text, $.25/picture/video messages.
    $.00/day: Includes $.25/minute for Anytime minutes/Mobile to Mobile minutes/Nights and Weekend minutes, $.20/Text, $.25/picture/video messages.
    Messaging (options)
    PAYGO: $.20/Text, $.25/picture/video messages.
    250+ Unlimited Mobile to Mobile: $10/Month
    Unlimited: $20/Month
    Daily Data (option)
    PAYGO: $.99/day of use (24 hour period)

    3G Monthly Plans (Smartphone and BlackBerry devices)
    Voice Only (options)
    450 Anytime Minutes $44.99 (additional minutes: $.45/minute)
    900 Anytime Minutes $64.99 (additional minutes: $.40/minute)
    Unlimited Anytime Minutes $74.99 (additional minutes: $.25/minute)
    Per-Minute Rate After Allowance:
    If you DO NOT have enough funds in your account to cover all monthly charges at renewal, calls and messages will be rated at the per-minute/per-message rate associated with your Plan.
    If you have a data package, all data services (including Picture and Video Messaging, email access and web browsing) will be suspended.

    Messaging (options)
    PAYGO $.20/Text $.25/Picture/Video
    Unlimited $30/Month
    Data (option)
    Unlimited $30/Month

    Prepaid Mobile Broadband for Tablets
    Monthly Data (options)
    1GB $20/Month
    2GB $30/Month
    5GB $50/Month
    10GB $80/Month
    No activation or reconnection fees, and no overage charges.
    Tablet plans not available on all tablet models.

    Included Features
    3 – way Calling: Talk with two people at the same time.
    Call Forwarding: Forward your calls to another number.
    Caller ID: No more surprises - see who's calling before you answer.
    Caller ID Blocking: Dial *67 before the number you're calling.
    Call Waiting: Never miss another call.
    Domestic Roaming: $0.20 per minute, includes airtime and nationwide long distance.
    International Services: Voice calling, text messaging, picture/video messaging and roaming internationally with great rates.
    No Answer/Busy Transfer: Transfer unanswered or busy calls to another number.
    Voice Mail: Holds up to 20 3-minute messages for 21 days. Dial *86 for message retrieval.
    Account Alerts: Free voice and text alerts to keep you up to date on your account.
    411 Search: Directory Assistance and much more. $1.99 per call plus airtime.

    Optional Services: (additional charges apply)
    Media Center: Customize your service with applications, Ringtones, games and more by accessing Media Center on your device.
    Games: Starting at $2.49 per Ringtone. Listen to your favorite song each time someone calls. Assign different tones to friends and family.
    Ringtones: Starting at $2.99 per Ringtone. Listen to your favorite song each time someone calls. Assign different tones to friends and family.
    Ringback Tones: $0.99 per month/$1.99 annual charge per Ringback Tone (110 maximum). Let callers hear songs or sounds while they wait for you to answer. To learn more, visit
    VCAST Music: Download songs to your device or PC. Millions of songs to choose from.
    Backup Assistant: Store your phone's address book remotely and securely for safekeeping and retrieval. You can also transfer data to a new phone or device - wirelessly. No service fee for Backup Assistant.
    VZ Navigator: $2.99 per day of use (24-hour period). Enjoy voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions, a local search of 15 million points of interest and detailed color maps.
    Mobile Email: $6.99 for 30 days for service. Get your emails on your device while you're on the go. Works with POP3, IMAP, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and

    *current as of: 12.06.2011

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    More info, courtesy of HF305:

    Device restrictions (figuring out VZW's exact policy has occupied HoFo for quite a while and continues to do so):
    The new $50 unlimited is the most restrictive. Only non-smartphones that were originally sold as Prepaid (or Unleashed, while that was being marketed) are allowed on that plan. These phones are sold in big-box stores as well as VZW corporate or reseller stores and online.
    The daily plans allow the phones above as well as most inactive Verizon postpaid "feature" or "basic" phones with clean ESN. Models formerly called "3G Multimedia Phones" such as the LG EnV3 and the Nokia Twist are not allowed. (I don't think those are allowed on monthly plans either.)
    The old monthly plans (450, 900 and unlimited minutes) allow all the phones above plus most 3G smartphones. Smartphones must add on and carry the $30 unlimited data pak. Apple iPhones (reportedly) and 4G LTE phones are not allowed on any Prepaid plan.

    The mobile broadband is also available to 3G modem cards and the MiFi 2200 as well as tablets. Like with phones, no 4G-capable devices are allowed.

    Account expiration:
    The balance will expire based on the amount and date of the last addition of money. This is mostly a concern for daily plan users. Monthly plan users who pay every month need not worry about expiration.
    Amount Expire days
    $15-$29.99 30
    $30-$74.99 90
    $75-$99.99 180
    $100 and up 365
    The $10 or $15 bonus credited upon activating a new line with a new box-store phone expires in 60 days.
    On the expire date, any remaining balance is zeroed out. The account will remain open (to restart with more money, or to port out the phone number) for at least 30 days after that.

    The daily plan charge is charged on the first call made or answered during a day (midnight to midnight). Sending or receiving a text message does not trigger the charge. Incoming calls that are not answered and go to voicemail do not trigger the charge, but calling from your phone to check voicemail will. On the 99 cent plan, calls to check voicemail are charged 10 cents per minute.

    The old monthly plans all include unlimited night (9 pm-6 am) and weekend and mobile to mobile calls, the same as postpaid.

    While roaming inside the USA:
    Talk: plan rate + 20 cents per minute
    SMS text: plan rate (no surcharge)
    MMS and data: unavailable.
    Canada and Mexico roaming is also offered (would have to look up the price...) International roaming is not as extensive as postpaid. The GSM mode of "world phones" is not supported. Of course if the phone is unlocked you could use a SIM card from a third party.

    Administering your account:
    Calls to customer service (*611) are free. There are also many automated do it yourself services which are also free.
    The phone's web browser by default will access the My Verizon Handset web page as the first one that loads. This allows checking account balance or usage, making payments, changing the plan, and adding or removing features. There is no data charge for using that internal web service. (Link #9 lets you go to the outside WWW, incurring the 99 cents for 24 hours charge).
    Some of the special administration numbers (dial number and press SEND) include:
    Establish or port in a new line or swap an inactive handset onto an existing line: dial *22898 on the phone that is to be made active.
    Customer service (automated + live operators): *611
    Check account balance and expire date: #225 (BAL)
    Add money via a refill card or PIN number: text PIN number to 89729 (VZPAY)

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