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Thread: LG Dare Mobile Email Problem (Error message)

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    LG Dare Mobile Email Problem (Error message)

    Years ago this problem was kicked around in the Forum. I'm posting again in case there's now a "fix."

    One guy said this (which is exactly my problem, but all I did was buy a brand new phone and activate it on PP):

    "I just unlocked my Dare's web Browser for PP. Now my question is how can i get Mobile Email and VZNavigator? Every time i launch either of these applications, i get an error that says "Upgrade Check is not available."

    The response was this:

    "You need to already have had Mobile Email and VZNav installed on your Dare and functioning properly while still activated on Verizon before you port your phone over to Page Plus in order for those apps to work. Now that you're on Page Plus you don't have access to the necessary Verizon servers to download the apps you want."

    *****That makes sense to me but I bought my new Dare online (just a month ago or so). Sooooo, there was no porting involved. Does this mean that I simply CANNOT install or have email on this new Dare on PP?

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    Update: A year and a half has passed, I've lived in Peru on and off for most that time, and I still have this same problem. Surely someone has an answer for me.


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