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Thread: H2O Bolt 4G - UNLIMITED (yeah right)

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    H2O Bolt 4G - UNLIMITED (yeah right)

    This plan includes:
    • UNLIMITED Internet access
    • 4G Speeds – 4x faster than 3G speeds
    • No contract or hidden fees


    4G speeds give you instant gratification on all your internet needs. Browse the web, download, check your e-mails; there are no limits!


    Use H2O BOLTSM in your home, quick plug & play set up. Installation takes a few minutes no appointments or wires necessary.


    Enjoy blazing fast speed internet everywhere in the H2O BOLTSM coverage, so you feel free to pick up and go as you please.
    $99 or $149 for the 4G dongle/hotspot

    H2O really has not learned one bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentjudge View Post

    $99 or $149 for the 4G dongle/hotspot

    H2O really has not learned one bit...
    Hahah. I have to admit, you're right. Clear offers a refurb usb stick for only $40 and you're dealing with no middleman. Why bother?

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