Hi guys

At the end of November I phoned Wind and asked if it was possible to sign up with a new account and port in a number later from my existing carrier. They said it was possible, no problem. So a few weeks ago I signed up with the intention to begin the port around the middle of the month.

Yesterday Wind told me it was impossible to port a new number on a "used" SIM card, so I went out and bought a new one. So right now, I have a Nexus S $380 Windtab+ with two SIMs, one activated, one not.

I want to port my number from Rogers to Wind on this new unactivated SIM card.

Tonight phone support told me I must activate the new SIM card on a new account with a new plan. Essentially duplicate everything, and then cancel the first account I created 14 days ago, and pay off the Windtab+ in full with no possibility of a credit or transferring the Windtab+ to the new account. This sounds completely unnecessary. Huh? Help ??