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Thread: Galaxy Nexus only charges when powered off

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    Galaxy Nexus only charges when powered off

    I got a Galaxy Nexus last week, until last night I had no problems with it. Now it seems it will only recharge the battery when the phone is off. When the phone is on and plugged in, it is not detected as being plugged in and the battery is not being recharged.

    I tried 3 different cables, both connected to USB and AC power. I tried removing the battery and putting it back.

    Still the phone will only charge when it's off and not at all when it's on...

    Has anyone seen this on the Galaxy Nexus or other Galaxy phones? Is it software or hardware?

    I guess my next step is to try a factory reset... argh, I just spent the last few days setting it all up.

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    I have found some galaxy phones to only charge with original samsung charger or to computer thru usb
    I am unsure of the problem myself

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    Sounds like a software issue have you installed any kind of battery manager app if so some of them set the phone to charge only at certain times hope it helps.

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