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Thread: Nokia 701- 17 hours GSM Talk Time- Wow!

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    Nokia 701- 17 hours GSM Talk Time- Wow!

    I'm a Nokia fan. I'm using the N900, which is great except for the weak battery and a few other details. I love the hardware and the openness of it all. Android/Google has some nice "free" stuff, but also seems like Big Brother. iPhone is way overpriced for what you get. The N9 is out of my price range too.

    Looking at the latest Nokia devices online, I come across the 701 with Belle and I'm shocked by the 17 hour GSM talk time. Isn't this over twice the battery life of Android phones? For example, the Exhibit 2 4G (with a 15% larger battery) is rated at 5.5 hours talk (?G) and 360 standby (?G). 701 is 17 hours talk (2G) and 504 standby (2G). This is very impressive if it holds true in real life.

    Belle seems like where Symbian needed to be several years ago. In other words, it's quick/functional with decent hardware (701) and a usable touch screen interface. Yes, the web browser may not be as good as the latest Android version, but usable for most web pages and there is always Opera for speed. The EDOF camera has limitations, but it's excellent for 720P video. This seems like a pretty good phone with the outdoor visible screen, FFC, FM transmitter, Nokia build, etc. Unfortunately, it's not currently sold by Nokia USA and the $350 price is a little high compared to the Exhibit 2 4G for $189. Both phones also have 850/1900 UMTS for AT&T 3G roaming, when it happens.

    Anyone using the 701 on T-Mobile USA? N8 or E7 version 2 with Belle would be also be nice if Nokia offered it.

    The Astound seems like a lemon with many glitches that are talked about in the forums. The Lumia appears to be a Windows version of what Android is doing and a move away from openness. Any thoughts from Nokia users?

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    I'm using the 701's smaller cousin the 700 on TMO USA. I wanted a small light phone to use when I didn't need a big blocky phone. I have both joiku and bluetooth tethering working for use with my iOS devices. I'm very pleased.

    GSM Arena did an indepth review of the 701 if you're interested:

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