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Thread: Help! HTC Thunderbolt screen won't turn on after 3 ft drop

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    Unhappy Help! HTC Thunderbolt screen won't turn on after 3 ft drop

    Hi guys...

    Earlier today my Thunderbolt experienced its first drop at the hands of my younger sis. It was from about 3 ft or so (off desk) onto hard floor. The battery cover and battery popped out. Visually there's no damage to the screen and phone - except for some scoff marks in the lower left hand corner (presumably point of impact). After reinserting the battery, the phone's screen won't come on at all. The bottom four bottoms do light up. As far as I can tell, the phone is booting up fine, because I was able to blindly unlock my phone and adjust the ringtone volume, which gave the appropriate vibration or sound feedback.

    Plugging into my laptop, the phone showed up just fine.

    I am overseas (in Taiwan right now) and flying back to the US next wednesday. Any advices? I just got the phone back in July, so any replacement would completely be out of pocket.

    The phone is completely rooted but I was running the VZ android 2.2 rom with launcher pro with titanium backup.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Either the LCD screen itself got damaged or the cable connected to it got disconnected. The Thunderbolt isn't too difficult to take apart; I've replaced my wife's screen myself using these instructions. In my wife's case, only the external glass screen was cracked (the LCD itself wasn't damaged). However often both the screen & the LCD are damaged. It ran me about $60 to get the glass screen, and I think it's usually around $100 for the screen plus LCD.

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