Hello WIND people, I ported in to WIND today. I did notice on these forums a few people saying that WIND charges you $25 if you port in a number over top of an existing one, and that there are "technical" reasons for this. So I thought I would share my experience so that you all know there is no technical reason why, it's just a cash grab for $25.

I signed up a pre-paid WIND account yesterday and walked around all the usual places I go to check out the service. I came back in today, 24 hours later, satisfied with the experience and asked to port my number in. At first I got the run-around, you will have to buy a new SIM, no we can't move your top-up over to the new account, that's right you have to pay $40 plus $25 all over again, sorry blah blah.

Well I said in that case I don't want anything to do with WIND, cancel my account right now, I will stay with Mobilicity, I don't do business with people who have those sorts of practi---> sir I'm transferring your call to retentions. OK?

So retentions come along and low and behold all on the phone, without physical access to my phone, they can port my number in on my EXISTING SIM, just by asking me a few questions. Done.

So it can be done, don't let them tell you otherwise! They can port in onto an existing SIM, do whatever they like, and they can do it all over the phone. The story that you need to pay $25 for a new activitation or to port a number or change one is crap, get someone to transfer you through to retentions and they will handle it.

Just so you all know.

So aside from that little run-around, which was resolved successfully, at this point in time, a WIND subscriber for less than 24 hours, I am still happy

Happy New Year all.