If you have cableone as a server... here are the exact instructions on how to add email accounts to your cell phone...it took me 5 days to figure it out... verizon couldn't help and neither could cableone.

Here you go...
How to add email accounts to your android
Go to gmail.com ----Open an internet gmail account first
Then on your screen
Click “app”
Click “email” click “add account”
Click “gmail” Clear box
Type full cableone email address- type password
Touch “Enter arrow” bottom right
Click “Show Password” box to make sure password is correct… unclick if correct
Touch “arrow” – Click “manual setup” Click “imap”
Under username type full cableone email address - enter password if not done already
(incoming server) type “imap.gmail.com” – Touch “arrow”
Port change to “993” – Touch “arrow”
Security type “click SSL” Click “arrow”
(outgoing message server) type “smtp.gmail.com”
Port change to “465” Click “arrow”
Screen will say “Checking outgoing message server” If all was entered correctly, screen will change to “Enter name you wish to be seen when email is sent” or something like that…. Do not type email address…. Type a name that will show in “From” box in both boxes- Click “done”
More email accounts to add? Go back to “add accounts” and start all over.