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Thread: Need Recommendation: Dumb Phone for T-Mobile Prepaid

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    Need Recommendation: Dumb Phone for T-Mobile Prepaid

    Sure could use some of the wisdom here. I use an old Motrola RAZR V3 - the original model. It's been dropped a few times over the years, and the screen image sometimes cuts out. Ditto for a second V3 that I replaced when it too started getting a little flaky. I just disassembled the latter to see if the video flex cable had come loose, and negative on that. So perhaps it's time to get something newer - ideally something behind the curve that I can pick up inexpensively on eBay or the like.

    The thing is: I rarely make or receive more than 3 or 4 calls a month. I like having the security of the phone, but just don't have much need to use it often. I don't text, and don't plan to do so. I don't care about MP3s, radios, or games.

    What I like about the V3: the voice response dialing, the ability to load ringtones via cable or Bluetooth and associate them with individual callers, and the same with respect to pictures. No need to pay to send this stuff via the phone, like some brands. The ability to setup contacts via computer, rather than the nuisance of entering data on the keypad, and to transfer to/from the computer via Motorola Phone Tools. The latter isn't working for me on Windows 7, but I keep a couple of XP machines around so it's not a show stopper.

    What I dislike about the V3: the wretched camera - almost a joke - and the rather faint screen, absolutely impossible to see in sunlight.

    I like the Motorola way of doing things but it's not an extreme preference. Other prepaid T-Mobile phones I've tried, such as several Samsungs, seem less user-friendly with their menu setups. I've seen utterly gorgeous pictures from several Nokia models, owned by friends with traditional contract (non-prepaid) setups.

    So any recommendations for this low-end user?


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    I might as well give a (quick, and unfortunately generic) reply.

    In your situation, look at what's available in a reasonable price range first, then check out reviews and feedback on the models that might fit the bill. Your list of features should be covered by many phones, although I'd keep an eye out for:

    -Crippled firmwares
    -Proprietary programs (Samsung New PC Studio, Motorola Phone Tools, etc.) make sure you have functional Bluetooth support, get a USB dongle if you must, they're cheap enough nowadays and can serve other purposes. (Plus you'll probably want to transfer your contacts from the RAZR to your new phone...)
    -Proprietary chargers. Since your RAZR has a Mini USB port, being able to reuse those accessories would be nice. And if your new phone has Micro USB, there are inexpensive adapters you could buy online.

    Good luck in your search,


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