Hello. My carrier is cricket and my current phone is the LG PM125, which is very similar to my favorite phone, the LG PM 225 pictured here,
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which is the same phone but it has a camera.

My current phone, the LG PM125 started having a recurring problem a few months back. Texting works fine and always has. But one day during a call, the speaker switched to a loud continuous sound and it rebooted. Since then, any calls longer than about 2 min. cause the phone to go black as if I removed the battery. I SHOULD MENTION that these problems started after I accidentally dropped the phone one day.

So, I am guessing either I broke the phone, or cricket has updated their system to stop supporting the phone. I called cricket and the said to press *??? and whatever it was, that didn't work it said "update failed" or something.

My question is, since I will be forced to get a different phone sooner or later, what is the closest phone to the LG PM225? Features I need are the green/red indicator light, one hand(thumb) operation, clam shell shape, and an antennae that doesn't poke out. I really like the menu design/OS of the PM 225 but I might get a non-LG if it's similar enough and lightning fast to use, like the PM 225.

Thanks for reading.