Hi, I live in Australia, and recently received TWO 'seller refurbished' red TM506's (from the US) - both have the same problem - all the functioning of the phone itself definitely seems to be there
- and each one even formatted a 1Gb memory stick when inserted.

But the problem seems to be in the charging area
- (remember, same prob for both 'seller refurbished' phones)
- at first the charge indicator would come on
and report that the phone was charging
- but instead of charging the batteries were both DIS-charging.

Now, if I leave them for a day or two, and try to charge
- via computer, car charger, or electrical wall outlet
- I will get the phones to light up for about 4 minutes,
to indicate that they are charging......
- but then just fold/crash/turn-off etc!

Okay, I have advised the seller' - who is sending me two new batteries
- which might, or might not, solve the problem -
_ and when I get the batteries I will also try the 'update -
.....--- http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/supp...06?cc=us&lc=en

but other than those ideas,
I am at a loss to understand why these problems -
so if anyone has another idea,
or has had a similar problem,
and solved it, )
could you please encourage me )