I am in the USA and I have a G'zOne Type-V CDMA phone that I purchased, on contract, from Verizon Wireless in 2007 or 2008. I believe it was manufactured by UT Starcom. Recently, I disconnected my service with Verizon because I no longer need a cell phone for any reason other than travel emergencies. I believe a prepaid plan, instead of a national contract plan, would be better for what I need at this time. I know Verizon has a prepaid plan, and so does TracFone. But, there is another company, American Roaming Network (ARN), that has a prepaid, outgoing calls only, program (160 minutes - $20 USD - 1 Year) that I am interested in trying before anything else. This plan would be perfect for what I need, and at a very reasonable cost. According to their website, you have to already have your own "unregistered" cdma, or tdma, phone to use their service as they do not have phones. I am 99.9% sure that by "unregistered" they mean "unlocked". For the last week or so, I have been researching the internet, and made several phone calls, concerning if it is possible to "unlock" my G'zOne Type-V from Verizon so it will work on ARN. I have not yet found an answer to my dilemma that I am confident in. I hope I can find it here. My G'zOne phone is such a good phone, and is still in perfect condition. I would sure hate it if it only an expensive paperweight since I am no longer with Verizon. What I need to know is this: Is it possible for me to, and how can, I "unlock" my phone so it will work on ARN? If any of you know all the in's and out's concerning this I would appreciate it if you could give me ALL of the details. Thanks so much!