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Thread: Mobilicity Management on 'Unlimited'

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    Mobilicity Management on 'Unlimited'

    Quote Originally Posted by pjw918 View Post
    Memorable words from Hofolicity: It's Unlimited!

    Stewart Lyons, 27:00, in answer to a question about traffic shaping:
    "it's still unlimited.. we have people that do, I look at reports all the time, people that do 2-3 Gigs a night.. there's lots of people that do 60, 70, 80 Gigs a month"

    Anthony Booth, 47:25:
    "That's part of the consumer promise.. what we stand for, we stand for unlimited.. we believe long-term, we've set up the business such that we can actually be the only true, real, unlimited player in the market place.. we really do believe that, unlimited, we can hang our hat on, we know how to do it better and cheaper than anyone else is.. right now there's a strong case to say, carve out that position in the marketplace where you can be unlimited, and stay unlimited, other people may retreat from it over time.. there are no plans at all to actually move away from unlimited.."

    Stewart Lyons, 48:40, in response to Howard's (HC-NO-i) "it's more like unlimited with an asterisk":
    "it's still unlimited, just because it gets slowed down for a couple hours because you use too much per time, I just told you, people use 60 Gigs a month, 70 Gigs.. there's no limit, you can use as much as you want". Howard: "..are a lot of people doing that?" Stewart: "yeah, there's actually a fair number.. the fact is it's still unlimited.. other folks do a soft cap at 5 Gigs, everything else, we don't, you keep going.. just because we try to make it sort of level and even doesn't mean it's not unlimited"
    (Time codes above refer to the Hofilicity Toronto 2012 event and the video recorded of the proceedings)
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    How is having a cap set at 2mb/s 100mb/15 mins anymore unlimited than WIND's 5GB/10GB softcaps? I've been over the softcap many times and never been throttled as it's contingent on many factors, not just usage, and yet Mobi's system almost guarantees being throttled after watching a few videos. And yet this is somehow more "unlimited" than other carriers?

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    More importantly why is this a wiki article?

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    Technically, nothing in this world is truly unlimited or infinite. Infinity is theoretical and impossible to conceive!
    When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

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