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Thread: HTC Thunderbolt to Virgin Mobile?

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    HTC Thunderbolt to Virgin Mobile?

    Is this possible
    at least with a 3g not the 4g?

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    Both virgin mobile and boost mobile will only activate phones for their respective carriers and therefore you have to change the MEID number and a lot of people freak out on forums because it's a legal grey area and likely against the TOS of many forums. There is also other issues with flashing to Virgin, you'd probably be better off figuring out how to flash it to Boost Mobile if anything though (and being as you get pretty much identical service except better customer service). There is information online (though mostly scattered and very few good guides out) on how to flash the Evo 4G/Evo 3D to Boost Mobile and though I've never tried I'm sure you could get it to work on a thunderbolt. Keep in mind though, flashing to either one will require MEID/ESN altering.
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    I have the Esn and meid copied over.
    I have the mdn and the min copied over.
    The phone is set to cdma mode only.

    Should I atleast have talk and text...
    I go to call out it just hangs up and I have voice mail notifications.
    need a little help here

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