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    iPhone apps "Documents and Data"

    Hi all,

    Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    I was looking through the Settings>General>Usage screen where it shows how large in megabytes each app is and noticed something weird.

    The app size is a certain number of megabytes and the "Documents and Data" size is much much larger. For example.... Instagram is a 14.8 megabyte file but yet it's taking up 95.0 MB of space. ???

    Some other examples... Pimp my Screen...App size is 17.9 MB but it's taking up 105 MB...and the same for many apps. Is there a way to reclaim this space?

    I'm using a 4S w/iOS 5.0.1 by the way.

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    delete and reinstall the app to free up this space
    "Documents and Data" is the data that the app stored on your phone... it might be some temporary files or real data...

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    Yup, an extreme example is the "Al Gore - Our Choice" app. The app itself only takes 52 MB, but once it downloads the entire interactive book content, it claims over 1 GB on the device. That's why it's nice to have that sorted list under Settings > General > Usage > Storage, because sometimes it's not obvious how much space is taken up by which app, so this way it's easy to see where all the storage space went.

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