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Thread: I need help picking a phone for Verizon

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    I need help picking a phone for Verizon

    I've built computers for years but I'm totally out of the loop here. I want a smartphone for snappy internet/email and probably tethering. I really don't want to spend much over 100 bucks so this should narrow it down. I know I can get the iphone 4 for 100 bucks! I like how ios is pretty snappy, gets everything done reasonably fast. However, I wasn't able to try its 3g which is apparently much slower than 4g. Are there any 4g smartphones around this price range that are ALSO just as snappy as the iphone? These are the most important things for me over screen size, gpu, etc.

    If I get an iphone I probably will jailbreak it eventually to get tethering without spending extra. Could somebody explain to a newbie, in a nutshell, the difficulty between jailbreaking and iphone 4 vs rooting a similar android device?

    I heard the there are new contracts that have download caps per month. Is this true?

    Thanks! Glad to be part of these forums!

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    The new data plan is 2GB for $30 but for a limited time starting today it's been doubled to 4GB for $30 on 4G phones only, so there is your advantage.

    There are 5 devices on Verizon's site that are 4G and under $100 (some refurb), I can't really say which is better but I do own two thunderbolts and paid over $600 ea for them... battery life is bad, but all other aspects I really can't complain.

    Pick from the Samsung Stratosphere, Pantech Breakout, HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung DROID CHARGE, or LG Revolution.

    Try going here:

    Thunderbolt has the highest rating followed by the Droid Charge.
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    If you like iOS then I would recommend the Droid Charge. You can find a Used model on Ebay around $100, which is within your budget. The Thunderbolt is faster, but the Charge has a much better screen.

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