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Thread: LG Rumor Touch Text Message Ringone Finally SET!!! (Crystal Clear Sound)

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    LG Rumor Touch Text Message Ringone Finally SET!!! (Crystal Clear Sound)

    Text Msg Ringer How To: (SPRINT USERS, Not Virgin Mobile)

    The "Message" ringtone has to be under 450kb in size.

    The Ringtone MUST be saved as an MP3, Can be saved as Stereo or Mono.

    Save newly created ringtone in the "Sound" folder of your Micro SD Drive.

    Go to "Send Message" option in the "Main Menu".

    Choose to Send the message to your OWN cell number.

    Click The Following:

    "ADD Attachment"


    "Name of Ringtone" that Appears in menu


    Now Press "Send", But While The Ringtone Is Sending, "POWEROFF" your phone

    (canceling the send process)

    Turn your phone back on.

    Go to your "Messages" folder and re-open the "(Failed) message" that you were trying to send when you shut off the phone

    Press "More"

    "View Attachment"

    Press the " > " (right arrow)

    "Set As Ringer"


    That's It Your Done!!! The phone will automatically rename the ringtone to its own system's file name.

    But it will be saved to the "My Audio" folder.

    You can do this more then once, giving you the option to then choose from the "My Audio" menu when assigning your text message ringtones.
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