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Thread: Go Phone Sim Card And AT&T HTC Inspire 4G

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    Go Phone Sim Card And AT&T HTC Inspire 4G

    Can you use a go phone sim card (either the newer ones that are orange, or the older blue ones that look like the 3G contract sim cards) in a 4G phone such as the Htc inspire. And can you use the $50 talk, text, and web prepaid go phone plan.

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    Have you found out the answer to this yet? I am using an old sim go phone sim card in an ATT Avail smart phone. Right now I have the $1/day plan which is no longer offered and I'm wondering if I switch to the $50 will I have to buy an additional data package. It says you do on smart phones, but I don't think it detects it is a smart phone since I'm using the old card.

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