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Thread: Opera Mini 6.1 failure on EX124g, upgraded to 6.5.

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    Opera Mini 6.1 failure on EX124g, upgraded to 6.5.

    When I bought my EX124g phone last fall, I installed Opera Mini 6.1 for my internet search. Recently, I wasn't able to get online using 6.1. It would search for about 2 minutes, then "unable to connect to network." The regular Tracfone internet connection worked, so the problem wasn't the phone or location. I just uninstalled 6.1 with the intention of reinstalling it. Opera Mini is now offering 6.5. I did download that version and everything is working again. Has anyone else run into this, and do you notice any difference between 6.1 and 6.5?

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    I have the ex124g with Opera 6.1 installed as well and it is still working. I just went on line to check the weather which is the biggest use I make of internet access and it worked fine if slow. It did however want me to download the 6.5 version.

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