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Thread: Unlock HTC AMAZE 4G . How to Unlock HTC AMAZE 4G

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    Cool Unlock HTC AMAZE 4G . How to Unlock HTC AMAZE 4G

    Unlock HTC . How to Unlock HTC
    You do not know HOW TO unlock yours HTC ?

    If you want to use your phone on any cellular company

    i can help unlock(simlock) it with 8 digit code by IMEI

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    So if I grab a TMobile Sim, I can use that when I am in the states. What are the charges?

    When I come back to Canada, do I go back to my telus Sim?

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    Yes of course you can use any SIM cards and most importantly your phone's warranty remains unnoticed. Contact me on Skype

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    Also we can help you unlock your HTC Amaze 4G.
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