Hi again,

Some users have written to me to say that the Loxcel cell tower map at


is the easiest map they've ever used.

Well, it's just gotten a whole lot more useful thanks to its new "place name picker."

Before, you had to pan and zoom your way to your destination.

Now, just type away, and the map instantly jumps to your desired destination.

Whether it's "Kentville Nova Scotia" "Winnipeg, MB" or "West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC, Canada" -- just type and click. Done.

Every place you can imagine (and then some) awaits.

Sales pitch over.

Hey, I'm hoping some of you will spend some time to shake it about and let me know if you find any glitches. I've tested it on Firefox, Safari, IE and iPhone and so far it seems "really tight". (I know I'll eat those two words, soon enough.)

The map has some extra smarts on your smartphone. I need some Android users to test it out.

Thanks in advance for your comments / criticisms, etc. Contact me at loxcel.ws @ gmail.com

ps. the loxcel.com cell tower map, and the NEW radio transmitter map, which features 426,000 antennas across Canada, was featured in last Thursday's Le Devoir cover story. It seems that some people are concerned about cell tower *safety*.