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Thread: LG800G Tracfone email

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    LG800G Tracfone email

    I understand the LF800G does not come with an "email" button. How would I be able to use my AOL email account on my LG800G?

    Also, how would I delete Bookmarks? I've tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. I can see adding Bookmark but how to delete one.

    Please advise and thank you.

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    I use Gmail, but I did a search and found something on the AOL help pages. I hope this helps you out: .
    Or this short Url: . Some of the Bookmarks you can't delete. They're greyed out. The Bookmarks that you created you are able to delete. Go to the Bookmark section, click on Delete, then place a tic mark in the box you want erased.

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